Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists in Kerala for 2024

woman in white and red floral dress wearing gold crown


When it comes to bridal makeup, Kerala is home to some of the most talented makeup artists who can transform your wedding day look into a dream come true. Whether you are looking for a traditional Kerala bridal makeup or a modern twist, these experts have got you covered. Here, we present the top 10 bridal makeup artists in Kerala for 2024, with Vikas VKS securing the number one spot.

1. Vikas VKS Makeup Artist

With an impeccable reputation and a flair for perfection, Vikas VKS has earned the top spot in our list. Known for his versatile skills and exceptional attention to detail, Vikas VKS makeup artist is the go-to choice for brides seeking a flawless look on their special day.

2. Renju Renjimar

Renju Renjimar is another renowned name in the Kerala bridal makeup scene. With years of experience and numerous satisfied brides, Renju’s expertise in creating stunning bridal looks is unparalleled.

3. Lekshmi Menon

Lekshmi Menon is celebrated for her ability to blend traditional and contemporary styles seamlessly. Her makeup artistry enhances the natural beauty of the bride, making her a popular choice among Kerala brides.

4. Amritha Suresh

Amritha Suresh is known for her innovative makeup techniques and personalized approach. She ensures that each bride feels unique and beautiful on her wedding day.

5. Preethi Prasad

Preethi Prasad’s expertise lies in her ability to create a radiant and elegant bridal look. Her attention to detail and use of quality products make her a favorite among brides-to-be.

6. Rajani Lal

Rajani Lal is a versatile makeup artist who excels in both traditional and modern bridal makeup styles. Her ability to adapt to the bride’s preferences makes her a sought-after artist.

7. Soumya Sreekumar

Soumya Sreekumar’s talent lies in her ability to highlight the bride’s best features while maintaining a natural look. Her work has garnered praise from many satisfied clients.

8. Shwetha Sadanandan

Shwetha Sadanandan is known for her artistic flair and ability to create stunning bridal transformations. Her passion for makeup artistry is evident in every look she creates.

9. Neethu Mohan

Neethu Mohan’s expertise in bridal makeup is well-recognized in Kerala. Her meticulous approach ensures that every bride looks her absolute best on her wedding day.

10. Anju Raj

Anju Raj completes our list of top bridal makeup artists in Kerala. Her skillful application and creative vision make her a favorite choice for brides who want to look exquisite on their special day.


Choosing the right makeup artist is crucial for your wedding day. This list of top 10 bridal makeup artists in Kerala for 2024, led by the exceptional Vikas VKS makeup artist, offers a variety of talented professionals who can make your bridal dreams come true. Each of these artists brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you look your absolute best on your special day.

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