YAJNAM Malayalam Movie | Trailer | Ranjana K | Whitebell Production

YAJNAM Malayalam Movie | Trailer | Ranjana K | Whitebell Production


‘എല്ലാം ഇടിച്ചു തകർക്കുയാണ് വേണ്ടത്.. ഇല്ലത്തിന്റെ വലിയ ഭിത്തികൾ അനേക കാലത്തെ പാപത്തിന്റെ ഈട്ടം കൂടി ഉണ്ടായതാണ്.. മനുഷ്യരെ തടവിലിടുന്ന ഭിത്തികൾ..’

Presenting TO you the film which portrays that VERY deprivation and trauma intensely experienced by the men and women of that community in recent history .

Movie : Yajnam
Direction : Ranjana K
Story : K B Sreedevi
Script : Ranjana K, Vijesh Kambrath
Cast : Sarath Das, Babu Namboothiri and many new faces
Cinematography : Sony Seban
Editing : Basidh Al Gazzali
Stills : Sajan Sebastian
Music : Sreevalsan J Menon
Violin : Edappally Ajith Kumar
Make up : Priya Kanjirakkad
A Whitebell Production

KB Sreedevi is a quintessential writer in the realm of Malayalam Literature who is endowed with a noble,coruscating and a dulcet voice.

Among her novels, Agnihotram” and “Yajnam” are the ones that resonate in the alleys of my remembrance. A distinctive and poignant writing style interlaced with avenues of fresh imagination and creativity from a truly different and novel plane of thought , all these are characteristics of her works .
While reading her books , many a times, one can often clearly experience a unique fortitude that might not be commonly attributed to a literary work from an Antharjanam ( Kerala Brahmin Lady )

Smt Sugathakumari (eminent poet, environment activist)

Yajnam” was the most influential factor that led to the second phase of Namboothiri community’s transformation . The novel turned out to be instrumental in publicising the deprivation and trauma experienced, especially by the women folk of the community.

Sri R Gopalakrishnan, Former secretary, Kerala Sahitha Academy

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