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What to Wear to a Baby Shower as a Mother

Are you pregnant and do you expect a lot of celebrations? Are you ready to celebrate your baby’s arrival soon? Do you want to organize a particular party for him/her? Have you heard of the prestigious ceremony known as a baby shower that pregnant women take part in India? Are you anxious about what to wear to a baby shower? If you want to know more about the ceremony or are looking for ideas on what to wear to a baby shower, continue reading this article.



Traditional Ceremony of Baby Shower:

Baby Shower is the Indian form of the Baby Day ceremony. Women celebrate it during any month of their pregnancy. The process honors their unborn child, marks his/her arrival in the family.

It is also a celebration in which the elders of the family will bless the woman. They also share her joy and happiness to become a mother. The festival takes place in many parts of India and various names in the region, in the north it is known as Godh Bharai, and in Bengal, it is as” Shaad.”

What to wear to a baby shower as a mother
The celebration of your Baby Shower is getting closer, and as a guest of honor to the ceremony, you don’t need to worry about what to wear to a baby shower.

You must wear the ideal outfit to attend such a tender occasion. A Baby Shower is like any other social event, but with the particularity of celebrating the early arrival of your child to the world and your new stage as a mother, so you must choose what is best for you and your child.

The celebration of your Baby Shower is significant, and as a guest of honor to the ceremony, you must wear the ideal outfit to attend such a tender occasion. A Baby Shower is like any other social event.

Still, with the particularity of celebrating the early arrival of your child to the world and your new stage as a mother, so you must not forget that this occasion also merits a particular dress, plus the small detail of your belly.

As a mother, you will probably need to wear a traditional sari and may need to dress with flowers. The style of Sari worn and the herbs used for the ceremony tend to vary depending on the cultural practices followed by your family.

Saree or Sari is a traditional garment for women in India, wrapped around the waist and over the shoulder. Women wear a sari over the petticoat and the blouse. The Sari is a symbol of tolerance in the cultures of the Indian subcontinent.

2. Lehenga:

Lehenga is the most popular dress for Indian women, a skirt shape with traditional embroidery, Patti Gown, and pleated. Sari Lehenga style is a new trend of Sari in India, a mixture of the traditional Sari and a lehenga choli. This dress is one of the best choices for women in the event of Baby Shower.

3. Ghagra Choli:

Choli Gagra is also known as Choli Lehenga, is one of the most popular costumes of pregnant Indian women, and traditional clothing for pregnant women from the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

This dress will give a pleasant look to the pregnant woman at the event of the baby shower. Choli is a type of blouse; women wear it on the upper part of the body.

Lehenga, Chaniya, or Ghagra is a type of skirt for the bottom part of the body and Dupatta, is a large scarf, and it looks good with the choli lehenga and also with Shalwar Kameez.

4. Shalwar kameez:

Shalwar kurta is a symbolic dress from the Indian subcontinent, women, and men commonly wear it, but the styles differ by gender. The shalwar is a loose pajama-like pant, and the kameez is a shirt of variable length.

This dress is also very suitable for the pregnant woman in the event of a baby shower. It will give the woman a simple and pleasant look.

5. Jewelry:

You may also need to dress while wearing jewelry, especially the ones you wore at the wedding. In some communities, women celebrate the Godh Bharai ceremony with almost as much fanfare and dressing as a wedding.

You may need to wear various traditional Indian jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces. After dressing-up, you will be sitting in a space where other women can quickly come to bless you.

Additional Tips:

Your celebration of God Bharai will be an extraordinary moment for you and your family. On this occasion, when people will treat you like a queen, and everyone will gather to wish you and shower you with her love.

Your unborn baby will officially welcome into the family, and you will charge with gifts by being the proud mother.

Although all of this is very fun, a god Bharai ceremony can be very stressful, mainly because women celebrate it in their last trimester. Before continuing the tradition or even during it, a comfortable outfit can keep you healthy.

Choose an outfit that you can wear during the ceremony. Whether you’re wearing a sari, a kameez salwar, or a lehenga, make sure you choose something that’s right for the weather and where you’re going to party. If you wear something that makes you feel too hot or too cold, it could cause potential health problems for you and your baby.


Popular Fashion Designer In Kerala: Arati Podi

Popular Fashion Designer In Kerala: Arati Podi



Indian fashion has carved out a niche for itself on an international scale. Our designers are making waves with their unique and creative expertise, along with backing from the latest technology. The designers have made a mark for themselves, each making their own contribution to the world of fashion. With the evolution of digital media, fashion influencers are promoting fashion and style promoting with concern for all types of body, color, and culture.

Arati Podi is an influencer, female actor, and designer from Kerala who has created a wave in the fashion market. She is one of the best fashion designer in Kerala. She came into the limelight when she interviewed Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan, a Bigboss Malayalam season 4 contestant. She is obsessed with fashion, and it serves as therapy for her. She is incredibly creative and imaginative in regard to her appearance and style. She is constantly trying something different. You’ll appreciate how she’s constantly experimenting with her style and fashion. Her colorful fusions and artistic mixes are extremely popular.

Arathi Podi Boutique– Fashion Designer in Kerala

She has a fantastic sense of style that is quite unique and motivating. She runs a flourishing fashion design business called “Podeis” cheers to her sheer determination, creativity, and enthusiasm. She is very active on Social media platforms and has attracted a lot of fans on Instagram. Her qualities as an Entrepreneur are outstanding and can be matched to many top business personalities in the fashion industry.The brand “ Podies” is famous as “arathi podi boutique”.

She strives to develop unique and significant fashion and style ideas. She posts them on her Instagram account in the form of images and videos. Her unique sense of style will leave you speechless. She is all about personal and unique style, as well as luxury. Her distinct approach is quite personable and easy to follow. She has a fantastic sense of fashion that is both distinctive and inspiring. You can find her traveling to new places and destinations, as well as experiencing various facets and corners of fashion. Her sense of style is modern and stylish. Furthermore, her feed has an appealing look that will keep you intrigued by her Instagram profile.

Arathi Podi Family

Arati Podi is a woman who has gained public notice for her entrepreneurial acumen and love affairs. Arati native place is Kunnamkulam and moved to Kochi with her family in 2020. Her education began at Vivekodayam Boys’ Higher Secondary School and proceeded at Nehru Arts and Science College in Coimbatore. She is presently pursuing her passion for clothing design. Here are some pictures of arathi podi family

She is highly active on social media and enjoys sharing her captivating family moments with her followers. We can understand from her account that she enjoys spending time with her family. She has an incredible bond with her father, and she posts cute videos on her account that illustrate how close they are.

Mr. Padath Sajeesh, Arati’s father, works in the oil industry and also models for his daughter’s clothing line “Podeis.” Arati’s father looks fabulous in every stylish outfit she creates. Arati has 23.5K Instagram followers on her Podeis brand profile. On the ramp for her brand, she modelled her outfits with other professional models from South India. She has collaborated with a number of celebrities on her brand. Her sister, father, and mother are also models for Arati’s clothing.

The net income of Arati Podi are basically unknown. She does, however, make money not only from her clothes line, but also from commercial advertisements on her Instagram profile. She’s already promoted a few cosmetic businesses on Instagram. Arati’s net worth is estimated to be at 3.5 crore INR.

Dr Robin Bigg Boss Getting Married With Arathi Podi !

Arati and Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan are well-known for their relationship. In a recent press interview, Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan revealed about his wedding plans to Arati. Along with being a doctor, Robin also works as a motivational speaker, actor, dramatist, and reality TV contestant. Dr Robin Bigg Boss has a huge fan base. He considered his army as family members. He received his MBBS from the Chidambaram Government Medical College in Tamil Nadu. Robin declared that Arati was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Robin has been given both the Global Youth Achievement Award 2020 and the India Star Icon Award 2020 by the Star Book of Records.

Latest Images From Podies Boutique

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White sneakers to make any outfit stylish

Particular attention should be paid to the shoes worn when dressing fashionably. White sneakers are in great demand in the fashion world. How to wear sneakers in style?




What’s so special about sneakers? Now the discussion about sneakers in the fashion world is getting active again. These were the things that became the charm of the youth a few years ago. Sneakers are back in fashion after a hiatus. The first feature is that it goes well with any outfit.

White sneakers are the most popular choice in the fashion world. There are many reasons for this. Young men and women alike say that stylish white sneakers are a must. Unisex sneakers are in high demand.

The comfortable position of the foot while wearing it is the number one reason behind the increase in demand for unisex sneakers. After all, they are the ones who fertilize the manure. Sneakers are a great match for almost every outfit.

But the big problem for those who choose stylish sneakers is the question of what to do when it gets dirty. Sometimes the dirt does not go away even after washing. Here’s how to easily clean dirty sneakers and restore our old style. Here are some tips.

The first requirement is defence:

The first thing to do to prevent sneakers from getting damaged is to protect them well. The first step is to think about what you can do to avoid getting dirty.

An important technique is to use sprays or stain repellents to prevent dirt and similar contaminants from getting on new or washed sneakers. When using these, care should be taken not to use them for at least one night after spraying.

Use only good cleaning products:

If the sneakers still have dirt on them after cleaning them normally, you can say no to those old methods for the time being.

If soap is used but it is not clean, it is better to switch to a cleaning product that works better. There is no need to buy things for a high price. Even old baking soda at home can work wonders on your sneakers.

  • First you need to remove the dirt from the sneakers.
  • Then make a paste with baking soda and water or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Put it on the shoe and leave it for a while.
  • Once it is dry, wipe off all the dust. After that one should wash out thoroughly.
  • If it’s a good dirty sneaker, it’s worth it again.

There are still things to try:

  • First take bleach and mix it with water.
  • Now dip the brush in this solution and apply it well on the sneaker.
  • If there is too much dirt in the sneaker, care should be taken to thicken the solution a little.

Toothpaste can be used:

Sneakers can also be repaired with plain white toothpaste that does not use gel.

  • First brush the paste well on the parts of the sneaker.
  • After that let it sit for 10-20 minutes.
  • Now wash the paste gently with water and discard.

Never forget these things:

You should try to repair the sneakers as best you can with the brush. Because every nook and corner of it can be cleaned. Make sure each side is trimmed. Also, make sure that water does not seep into the inside of the sneaker.

Loosen the laces and wash them separately in warm soapy water. The lace can be washed thoroughly by hand. The two can be combined only after drying separately.

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These mistakes can be avoided when trying to be fashionable

Most girls want to be a little more fashionable. But many people make some mistakes while trying to be fashionable in this way. Here are some tips to help you avoid making fashion mistakes.



These mistakes can be avoided when trying to be fashionable

Who doesn’t want their body to look a little more fashionable? But many people make some mistakes when adopting conceptual fashion. So instead of getting the desired result, it only serves to create the feeling of ‘oh what a role’.

Whenever we wear any outfit, we have to adapt to the outfit that suits us perfectly. How annoying it is to wear jasmine with ultra modern clothes. Big mistakes like this and small mistakes like this can ruin our outlook. So be aware of some common fashion mistakes and be careful not to repeat them anymore.

Accessories to look out for:

Using accessories that give a bold look along with a nice rustic look will detract from its natural beauty, as well as wearing traditional style jewellery like Jumka with very modern outfits which can be very contradictory.

So you need to choose all the accessories that suit the style of clothing you are wearing. Special care should be taken while choosing everything like earrings, chains and ankle boots.

Adding more oil to the hair:

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. There are people who put too much oil on their hair even when they go out wearing nice clothes. But no matter how beautifully dressed, if there is oil in the hair, it will destroy all the beauty.

It is better to apply oil on the hair before bathing. But care must be taken to wash it completely. Sitting on oily hair not only makes it unattractive but also detrimental to the health of the hair. Care should be taken to completely remove the oil from the hair with shampoo or conditioner. Hair serum can be used for those who complain that their hair is not sticking out.

No short top with leggings:

Wearing low-cut tops along with leggings can make for a great look. Such combinations are often found in situations where they are not ready to take the time to prepare. But using leggings with low-cut tops can be annoying to look at. You can use jiggings instead

Only one button:

What the new generation of teenagers often do is wear a shirt over a T-shirt with all the buttons open except for the button at the top. But realize that it does not give any particular modern look. Instead, close all the buttons and tuck the shirt in to make it more stylish.

Hair and eyes:

Tying hair in the same way with all clothes is not in line with fashion. This is because care must be taken to choose the hairstyle that best suits each outfit. The braiding of the hair and the tying of the knot under it go well with the folk costumes.

But what happens when you wear jeans and a sleeveless top? It is important to be able to identify such conflicting combinations. Choose your own costume only after paying attention to such things.

You can only be truly fashionable if your hair is styled in a way that suits each one. Pony tailing with modern clothing is an all time acceptable method. It will definitely give a stylish and bold look.

Is the pot mandatory?

It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. But using the pot with perfectly modern clothes can ruin the beauty of that modern outfit. So wear it to your liking with ethnic wear … but not with stylish clothes.

Don’t overdo it:

If the jewellery worn with the dress is completely shiny, it will not help to enhance the beauty at all. It is best to use thin chains. It is better to choose the ones that do not have much shiny stones. Keep in mind that brightening up clothes and jewellery will eliminate the fashionable look.

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