Warm up with these 5 winter cocktails this season


Winters are upon us, and though ’tis the time to sit cozy with a steaming cup of hot cocoa or coffee, the ever-greedy palate does yearn for more. This is also the time for parties and celebrations, which usually translates to high spirits — both literally and figuratively.

So, when you’re sitting planning out your party menu, pay special heed to the kind of cocktails you’ll serve. Not everything is suited for all seasons. For instance, vodkas and gins are usually avoided during winters since they lend themselves to more cooler drinks, says Lalit Sharma, Manager, Food and Beverage, Mosaic Hotels, Noida.

During winters, most cocktails are centred around alcohols such as wine, brandy and rum, and liqueurs such as kahlua, Baileys and coffee-based ones, says Sharma, adding that mulled wine is one of the most popular winter cocktails, globally. So, as you tuck your fingers into a warm pair of gloves, here are five winter special cocktails you can make to keep the holiday spirits high.


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