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Bridal Makeup

Ziah Bridal Makeover – Bridal Makeup Ernakulam, Kochi,Kerala

Ziah Bridal Makeover – Bridal Makeup Ernakulam, Kochi,Kerala




Ground Floor, North Square

Paramara Road

opp. Town Hall

Ernakulam North, Kacheripady

Ernakulam, Kerala 682018


Contact: 094476 68473

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Bridal Makeup

Dashing New Trends in Bridal Makeup.

There was a time when bridal makeup meant that the bride wore bright red lipstick. She would have rose powder on the cheeks, dark highlighter accentuating the eyes.



Generally speaking, the bride was made to look a bit like a Bharatnatyam dancer with braided long hair decked in flowers. Even the sarees had the same sheen and bright colors.
Thankfully, those days are long over. The women of today have ideas and concepts brimming in their minds.

The wedding look would be something that the woman would have given a good long thought to. Maybe even discussed the looks with her future husband. Naturally, she would communicate her concepts with a specialized and well-renowned bridal makeup artist Jijesh K. of Inspirit Makeovers, the leading and recognized as the best Bridal Make Up Studio at Kochi Kerala.

Jijeesh is renowned as a celebrity and film-industry favorite. His art and charm bring out the true beauty hidden within each individual which has led him to create beautiful makeovers for brides and grooms for over 15 years – with clients in India and abroad.

New inspirations

For many decades, Bollywood and Kollywood were the inspiration that drove both the brides and the makeup artists. Presently we are in an age and time where inspiration may strike from anywhere. It can be the centerfold of a fashion magazine. It could be a beauty product advertisement that inspires. It could be a social media trend or a post on Pinterest that sparked an interest.

Now with the all-pervasive internet, inspiration can strike from anywhere and at any time. At Inspirit Makeovers, we believe each individual is special and beautiful in their own way. The trick is in enhancing this beauty and revealing the true highlights of the individual that truly makes her special, endearing and charming.

Mystery in the eyes

Indian women are gradually learning the power and beauty of subtle and soft eye makeup. The gentle sweeping tones and the color coordination with the skin tone and the ensemble makes the eye make-up enchanting in a way that is camera friendly.

One should remember that a large number of the bridal photographs and videos clips would be close-ups. The eye make should make the bride interesting and receptive for the camera. So that she looks her best in the pictures enduringly, for years to come.

Lips that speak wonders

The days of deep red, burgundy, purple and deep browns are long over. It is the time for experimentation and dual tones, sometimes even multiple tones. It has to match not just the eye tone and the eyeliner tones but that of the whole ensemble so that it blends in.

It has to emphasize the lips, accentuate them beautifully to create an overall beautiful look. Something that only a consummate artist can do at Inspirit Makeovers.

Outfit as the centerpiece

It would be a failure on the part of a makeup artist if the bridal dress is not the centerpiece from which the whole overall look is created and crafted. There shouldn’t be any mismatch between the makeup and the wedding dress.

Each should ideally complement the other and together become subtly something even greater and wonderful. Of course, the Jewellery should not be forgotten – as it is a major part of the bridal makeup as far as Indian and especially South Indian weddings are concerned.

Things to take into account before bridal makeovers – 

  • For everything to work out fine, discuss your ensemble, dress, preferred style, and Jewellery with the makeup artist well in advance. Surprises can be overcome, but it is always better to be prepared and relaxed. This will help the artist select the right color palette that matches your outfit and Jewellery.
  • It is also best to meet the makeup artist in person well in advance so that he has a good feel of your skin tone, looks, and aspects that make you beautiful and a special individual.
  • Trials are good. With the wedding dress, with the after-wedding evening wear, the party wear, the mehndi wear – because the makeup for each event will be different and unique.

Most importantly, the hair

The Indian wedding always carries certain restrictions that come from tradition as far as bridal hair makeup is concerned. The work of a bridal makeover artist is to work with the restrictions and make for new looks and stunning effects.

There is the sleek and simple look – the simplicity that does not take away attention from the beautiful wedding dress – but adds to the overall beauty.

The natural hairstyle of the individual plays a role because it is what makes that person both beautiful and recognized. It would not be too nice if the bride looks on her wedding day like a totally alien person. Sleek and relaxed hair can not draw too much attention and should blend in with the dress, Jewellery, and makeup to create the perfect look.

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See pics: Parvathy walks the ramp with daughter Malavika Jayaram |Makeup artist Vikas VKS

See pics: Parvathy walks the ramp with daughter Malavika Jayaram



Keralites’ beloved yesteryear actress Parvathy walked the ramp for a fundraiser. The gorgeous actress was accompanied by her daughter Malavika Jayaram, who too turned a showstopper for the fashion show.

Actor-dancer and superstar Jayaram’s wife Parvathy rarely makes public appearances, however, the Sunday (May 8) evening was quite a delight for her fans and fashion lovers. Parvathy was seen decked up in a traditional Kasavu saree with a contrasting brocade blouse,

while daughter Malavika slipped into a handloom kasavu ensemble for the ramp. The pictures of the duo are storming the internet. Superstar Jayaram too shared glimpses of his dear ones walking the ramp and captioned, “Proud to see the two women in my life shine ✨ ❤️.”

Vikas VKS posted on Instgram about parvathy jayaram & Malavika Jayaram. This unique makeup and of course a lot of joy to be able to do 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Vikas VKS makeup artist, Parvathy jayaram, Malavika jayaram.

ദേവനും അനുരാഗി ആയ അമ്പലപ്രാവ് .. പാർവതി ചേച്ചി……
വർഷങ്ങൾക്കുശേഷം ഒരു ഫാഷൻ റാംപിൽ ….
ഒരുപാട് സന്തോഷം ഈ അതുല്യ പ്രതിഭയെ മേക്കപ്പ് ചെയ്യാൻ സാധിച്ചതിൽ 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Show for @weaversvillagestore

Makeup @vikas.vks.makeupartist
Hair @antony.k.x
Assistant @nikhil_vks
Dop @dop_sz__
edit @midhunshankarprasad



Check out the post here.

Parvathy and daughter Malavika Jayaram walked the ramp for a fundraiser for the Kerala Olympic association. The show was held at the Nishagandhi auditorium in Kanakakkunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram, on May 8. Prior to the event, Malavika Jayaram had posted a video with her mom, speaking about the event. “Weavers village as part of the fundraiser for the Kerala Olympic association is organising the world’s biggest sustainable fashion show.

We have over 8 or more top Indian designers showcasing their collections and more than 250 models of all sizes , age, gender and race walking the ramp. We are so humbled to play our small part in this beautiful initiative where sustainability meets diversity,” Malavika Jayaram said in her note.

Parvathy is one of the most loved actresses in Malayalam cinema. She debuted in M-Town in 1986 and has worked with some of the most talented filmmakers, screenwriters, and superstars including Mohanlal. Parvathy and Jayaram too have acted in several movies together, and their romance blossomed on the sets.

Interestingly, Parvathy was also part of Jayaram’s debut film ‘Aparan’, helmed by the legendary Padmarajan, however, the duo played siblings in the film. Parvathy and Jayaram have acted together in several movies as on-screen couple including the fans’ favourite ‘Shubhayathra’. Parvathy quit acting post marriage.

Source : TOI, Vikas VKS

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