These mistakes can be avoided when trying to be fashionable

These mistakes can be avoided when trying to be fashionable

Who doesn’t want their body to look a little more fashionable? But many people make some mistakes when adopting conceptual fashion. So instead of getting the desired result, it only serves to create the feeling of ‘oh what a role’.

Whenever we wear any outfit, we have to adapt to the outfit that suits us perfectly. How annoying it is to wear jasmine with ultra modern clothes. Big mistakes like this and small mistakes like this can ruin our outlook. So be aware of some common fashion mistakes and be careful not to repeat them anymore.

Accessories to look out for:

Using accessories that give a bold look along with a nice rustic look will detract from its natural beauty, as well as wearing traditional style jewellery like Jumka with very modern outfits which can be very contradictory.

So you need to choose all the accessories that suit the style of clothing you are wearing. Special care should be taken while choosing everything like earrings, chains and ankle boots.

Adding more oil to the hair:

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. There are people who put too much oil on their hair even when they go out wearing nice clothes. But no matter how beautifully dressed, if there is oil in the hair, it will destroy all the beauty.

It is better to apply oil on the hair before bathing. But care must be taken to wash it completely. Sitting on oily hair not only makes it unattractive but also detrimental to the health of the hair. Care should be taken to completely remove the oil from the hair with shampoo or conditioner. Hair serum can be used for those who complain that their hair is not sticking out.

No short top with leggings:

Wearing low-cut tops along with leggings can make for a great look. Such combinations are often found in situations where they are not ready to take the time to prepare. But using leggings with low-cut tops can be annoying to look at. You can use jiggings instead

Only one button:

What the new generation of teenagers often do is wear a shirt over a T-shirt with all the buttons open except for the button at the top. But realize that it does not give any particular modern look. Instead, close all the buttons and tuck the shirt in to make it more stylish.

Hair and eyes:

Tying hair in the same way with all clothes is not in line with fashion. This is because care must be taken to choose the hairstyle that best suits each outfit. The braiding of the hair and the tying of the knot under it go well with the folk costumes.

But what happens when you wear jeans and a sleeveless top? It is important to be able to identify such conflicting combinations. Choose your own costume only after paying attention to such things.

You can only be truly fashionable if your hair is styled in a way that suits each one. Pony tailing with modern clothing is an all time acceptable method. It will definitely give a stylish and bold look.

Is the pot mandatory?

It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. But using the pot with perfectly modern clothes can ruin the beauty of that modern outfit. So wear it to your liking with ethnic wear … but not with stylish clothes.

Don’t overdo it:

If the jewellery worn with the dress is completely shiny, it will not help to enhance the beauty at all. It is best to use thin chains. It is better to choose the ones that do not have much shiny stones. Keep in mind that brightening up clothes and jewellery will eliminate the fashionable look.

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