Thaipongal Festival Today

Pongal for Tamils is like Onam for Malayalees. Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu. Pongal is at the beginning of the lunar month. The Pongal festival lasts for four days.

The festivities will start with Bogi Pongal. Bogi Pongal is the first time that a ceremony is held to thank the sun god for the good weather that has improved the crop. Along with this, ceremonies will be held to burn old items. Thaipongal is the second day. Thaipongal is greeted with a colorful procession in the backyard. This is the day when Pongal Payasam is prepared by the stove in front of the house.

The third day is Mattupongal. Farmers are enthusiastically celebrating this day. This is the day when the cattle are bathed in oil and turmeric and adorned with ashes and colored powder. The famous ‘Jallikettu’ is held at Mattupongal. Pongal ends with a Pongal celebration. Also known as Poopongal. This is a day to make a variety of sweets and visit relatives and friends. They will also be given gifts.

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