Sunscreen Lotion Vs Spray | Sunscreen skin care: Should you use spray or lotion sunscreen?

Sunscreen Lotion Vs Spray | Sunscreen skin care: Should you use spray or lotion sunscreen?


We all have heard that sunscreen, without a doubt is s an everyday essential that can not be missed, in your daily skincare routine. It works as a shield and protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation ie UVA/UVB. Even in winters, or be it any season of the year one should use sunscreen, as it helps to prevent dark spots, discoloration and helps you to maintain a smoother and good skin tone.

Since, Sunscreen is the important step of your skincare, personal care regime, one thing that often confuses everyone is whether to apply a sunscreen cream or a spray. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages added to them, but what’s more beneficial depends on person to person.

Spray sunscreens are now more popular because they are comfortable, handy, and easy to apply to areas like the back and shoulders which are hard to reach. One can apply the spray while traveling or sitting inside the car. To their kids who are in a hurry to go outdoor and play. However, these sprays do come with risk alerts ie there is a chance of inhaling them. The health risk is uncertain, for those suffering from asthma and even the smaller kids.

Sunscreem cream if used is easily absorbed on the face it doesn’t leave any part of your hands, face left out, and works as a shield protecting you from harmful sun rays. But what annoys most of us is that these creams leave you with slick, greasy hands and give a heavy sort of feeling.

In this case, spray sunscreens get bonus points for not leaving heaviness on your hands and oily and sticky films on your skin after application.

Creams offer more solid protection because you can measure it, where it is impossible to tell in sprays. The more and longer you spray, the more you will be protected but in creams, you don’t have to apply, again and again, you are done with it once.

Thus, in today’s time, it’s really difficult to decide whether a lotion or spray is better for one, the fact that people are more inclined towards using sprays, is because of its easy to carry option, and how convenient it gets, but at the same time you can’t ignore the risk these sprays carry and cream don’t. So, no matter what you choose, choose the one, you will apply every day without skipping it.

With inputs from Paridhi Goel founder of Love Earth.


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