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The plot revolves around a renowned writer, his wife who is a fashion designer and ha 7 year old girl-child. Upon being insisted by his young and fun-loving wife, he plans a family vacation at an island bungalow. Later,they are joined by the wife’s uncle. As the story unfolds, the viewer gets to know the most bizarre family ever known to them.
‘Raktharakshassu’, a 3D Malayalam movie is ready for its release,

while world cinema is going through a 3D spree and film makers around the globe look forward to make masterworks in detailed three dimensions. This movie is exclusive, for it spots the coming together of the technical crew behind the much hyped Hollywood movie Saint Dracula 3D and K. P. Nambiathiri , the Director of Photography of the ever first 3D movie in Malayalam My Dear Kuttichathan.

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Directed by: R factor
Produced by: 3Dreams International
Screenplay by: Sherin Catherine
Story by:Rupesh Paul
Starring: Madhu,Ananya,Sunny Wayne,Niyas Mussliyar
Cinematography: K. P. Nambiathiri
Language: Malayalam

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