muzaffarabad: Zulm se nijaat dilao: PoK man’s plea to PM Modi after local administration renders him, family homeless | India News


MUZAFFARABAD: In yet another incident of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) residents reaching out to India for help, a Muzaffarabad man has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for support and intervention after he, his wife, and children were booted out from their house by PoK administration, forcing them to spend days and nights under the open sky in the bone-numbing cold.
In a video that has gone viral, Malik Wasim is seen asking for India’s intervention to rescue him and his family from the high-handedness of authorities in Muzaffarabad.
“Police and authorities have sealed our house. I announce that whatever happened to us (my family) Commissioner of Muzaffarabad, Tehsildar of Muzaffarabad will be responsible,” says Waseem in the video with his wife and children in the background sitting on a cot in the street.
Sources in Muzaffarabad said the man has been evicted from his house by the local administration of Muzaffarabad and his land has been taken over by an influential person in collusion with the police.
The man says the land belongs to India and that its ownership lies with non-Muslims and Sikhs.
“Police have sealed the houses of thousands of citizens and forced their families and children to live on the streets in this severe weather,” he added.
There have been several incidents of people being evicted from their houses forcefully by the influential people in PoK.
“I urge PM Modi to come and teach them (Pakistan) a “lesson”. This is your property…. these (properties) belong to non-Muslims and Sikhs. Come and rescue the people from these atrocities,” Waseem says in the video.
Identifying the police officer as Sabar Naqvi, SHO Thana City Sadar police, Wasim added: “Today they have taken us away in this chilly cold. Under which laws do they have evicted us?
The residents have time and again protested against the authorities over human rights violations in the region and atrocities against religious minorities. PoK is part of Jammu and Kashmir, which was invaded by Pakistan in 1947. The region has reeled under discrimination and atrocities since then.
“I appeal to the Commissioner if my house isn’t returned to me within two hours, I will die by suicide and he will be responsible for that,” says Waseem.
The locality, the video suggests, is near the Police Training School area in Muzaffarabad.

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