Meet Manu Bebo, a Kashmiri Transgender Makeup Artist Who’s Bending The Rules of Conservative Society Like a Boss

Manu Bebo’s Instagram handle peruses, ‘A Proud Thirdgender,’ and she is surely. A self-trained make-up craftsman from Srinagar, Kashmir, Manu is winning awards and hearts on the Internet for her perfect instructional exercises. In spite of the fact that, her excursion of developing as a minority sex in a traditionalist family and society has been brimming with difficulties.

On the off chance that you look through her Instagram account, you will see huge loads of fun cosmetics instructional exercises which has accumulated great perspectives on the photograph sharing application. Particularly her Smoky Eyes look which had 25,137 perspectives. In contrast to other cosmetics specialists, Manu loves showing the unfiltered form of herself to her 13.9 k Followers.

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