Flight etiquette: Tips to keep in mind


Ease air travel for yourself and your co-passengers by following some basic etiquettes, says an expert.

Sheena Agarwaal, director, Urbanista Image Consultancy, has shared tips to keep in mind for air travel etiquette:

Packing travel essentials: Pack all your essentials in clear plastic cases. This will help the security to see what you have got without having to open a case and touch your stuff.

Carry necessary travel documents: Make sure that you have all of your travel documents before leaving home. This will include airline tickets or boarding passes, passports (if required), and a valid government issued Photo identity card.

Questionable items: Avoid packing questionable items in your luggage and save yourself the trouble. If you are not sure of a particular item, better play it safe.

Luggage unlimited: Do not stuff your bags into overhead compartments crush the items into other bags. There is a reason why carry-on luggage is limited.


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