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MUMBAI: Among all the major cities, Mumbai has the most masked people followed by Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi, revealed an online survey by Digital Indian Foundation. Interestingly among metros Pune has the largest (37%) populace of partially-masked people while Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi have an average of 15% partially-masked (below their nose) people.
While average 36% Delhiites said Covid 19 was not a threat anymore as their reason behind not wearing the mask, majority non-mask Mumbaikars said they have no specific reason for the same while remaining half were either confident of immunity due to the vaccine or felt suffocated. In Kolkata an equal 32% per cent of people each said they felt either irritated due to the mask or had faith in the vaccination. A sample size of 1000 people were questioned in each city under the survey conducted between November and December.
Among Mumbaikars the fully masked people are largely preferring cloth masks over surgical masks while among partially mask wearing populace there is a larger proportion of those using surgical masks. A majority 53% of males are not wearing masks in Mumbai while females (47.38%) are wearing masks properly. In people between 18 to 45 years of age, a majority around 80% are wearing masks properly as an average 85% are following mask protocols properly in malls, hospitals, metro and local trains and religious premises.
In Delhi too, among fully masked people, a larger portion of them preferred cloth masks followed by a small proportion of people who prefer surgical masks whereas N95 masks were worn by a very little 4%. Among partially masked too, the proportion did not vary much. Around 53% male population did not wear masks while around 48% of women have worn masks properly. Younger and middle-aged people have more percentages of wearing the masks regularly. Inside local trains, metros and educational institutes the masks are being worn by a larger populace.
In Pune 45% of fully masked people are wearing N95 masks. Among partially masked, the majority is of those wearing surgical masks. 64% of people have no big reason for not wearing masks.
In Kolkata a considerably large over 48% peopulace is not wearing masks. Among masked people cloth and surgical masks rule. Over 53% of males and 43% women are not wearing masks. Average 40% of the people in all age groups are wearing masks.
In Chandigarh 45% of those wearing masks are preferring surgical masks. The middle-aged people are wearing masks as compared to other age groups. While 100% people in metro and local trains are wearing masks, at other places the masks are not worn by a considerable 40%. 63% have no major reasons to avoid masks.
In Chennai among fully masked people, the majority are wearing surgical masks. 50% of the male population and equally big 47% female population are not wearing the masks. 47% of the age group 18 years to 35 years are wearing masks prominently whereas in other age groups the average is less at 30%. In public places, metro stations, malls and inside local/metro trains the mask-wearing is high at average 52%. For no specific reasons 70% of the population is not wearing masks.

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