Ashanum Ashathiyum 15 : Pal Payasam : MALAYALAM COMEDY WEB SERIES

Ashanum Ashathiyum 15 : Pal Payasam : MALAYALAM COMEDY WEB SERIES


Ashan and Ashathi : Please use headset for best audio out 🙂

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This old couple who share a love-hate relationship, live in this surrealistic village with their faithful neighbor Pankan and Janu. There is postman Suku who is a regular and also few other characters who appear occasionally. This is a fictional attempt at raw filming. Hope you would accept and like our attempt with open heart and mind 🙂

The initiative was to help the children at Sarang Alternative School with books and other study material. The crew comprises 20 of us friends and students of the school. This was a workshop for them.

Ashan and Ashanthi are played by Gopalakrishnan Sarang and Vijayalakshmi Sarang who are teachers at the Alternative School at Attapadi, Palakkad. Please Visit our open group on facebook to learn more about the school and if you wish to help them, you are welcome to do so… 🙂…

*Short Film Series Title : Ashanum Ashathiyum

* Cast :
Gopalakrishnan Sarang as Ashan
Vijayalakshmi Sarang as Ashathi
Deepu Nair as Pangan
Parvati Prakash as Janu
Tony Madathil as Postman Suku
Sathyajith Ramakrishnan as Kallan Komalan
Priyadarshan Narayanan as Vaidyar
Smohith as Kaiyyal to Vaidyar
Aparna Kurup as Journalist Aparna
Shiju Kozhikode as Thangappan
Sajith Kongad as Kaniyaar
Rajesh Kadamba as Punjabi
Tejas as the boy

*Supporting Cast :
Rekha Kurup
Aarati Shivadas
Revathy Shivadas
Kannaki Sarang
Unniyarcha Sarang
Other kids at Sarang School
The Villagers of Kongad

*Produced by :
Psyche Entertainments.

*Direction Team :
Soumya Sadanandan
Deepu Nair
Parvati Prakash
Satyajith Ramakrishnan
Tony Madathil

*Screenplay Writer :
Tony Madathil

*Story Source & Development : Tony Madathil, Manu Chandran, Cecily Joice, Narayanan, Anitha Mohan, Vijayalakshmi Sarang, Gopalakrishnan Sarang, Anuradha Sarang, Gautham Sarang, Kunoor Mash, Lakshmi Iyer, & Numerous Folk Stories.

*Cinematography :
Sreyas Haridasan
Gautham Sarang

*Production Team :
Controller : Aparna Kurup
Manager : Smohith

*Editors :
Rathin Radhakrishnan

*Initial Cuts :
Asif AK

*Data Management :
Roney C Mathew

*Back Ground Score :
Aby Tom Cyriac

*Sound Mix :
Sam Simon George

*Art Direction & Costume Design :
Suhasir Mohammed

*Lights :
Manu Chandran

*Title Graphics :
Asif SK & Yasar TA

*Caricature :
Anjan Satish

*Assisting Direction, Production, Scriting, Costume, Art, Lights, Live Sound Recording : Students of Sarang Alternative School, Kongad/Attapadi, Palakkad Dist, Kerala, Manu Chandran, Rajeev Peethambaran.

*Location : Olappamana Mana, Kongad, Palakkad Dist, Kerala State.

*Year of production : 2013-2014.

*Copyrighted by : Psyche Entertainments.

This work was a blissful one and that is how creative ventures ought to be. Hope you all will find joy watching it and liking Ashan, Ashathi and the rest. With limited and available resource we could do whatever little we could. Kindly overlook any shortcomings(there would be plenty if you look for it only) Please don’t hesitate to mail me your feedback, opinion @ or facebook message at

Yours Sincerely,
Psyche Entertainments.

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