After shampoos, Everist launches waterless body wash concentrate

With this thoughtful line extension, Everist aims to deliver to its consumers the perfect trio of shower essentials.

Natural, vegan and waterless

Similar to the hair care and conditioner concentrates, which were launched in February, the body wash is water-activated by water with a simple paste-to-lather gesture. Consumers just need to lather the paste between their hands to start cleansing and moisturizing their skin.

The plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free formula, includes Everist’s signature blend of essential oils in lieu of synthetic fragrance. With notes of orange peel, bergamot, peppermint, rosemary and clary sage, the body wash is both refreshing and uplifting.

The choice of a creamy paste texture aims to keep the experience of the new body wash concentrate as close to traditional shower products as possible, with a creamy lather that “stands out in the clean beauty space”.

As a partner accessory, the brand is also launching a 100% biodegradable and home compostable Konjac Sponge made of natural konjac plant fibre.

The body wash is priced at $24 USD / $28 CAD per tube and the sponge at $12 USD / $16 CAD.

“Reducing the carbon and plastic-waste impact of traditional, water-filled beauty products is the premise Everist was built on. Just like hair care, traditional body washes are primarily water and packaged in single-use plastic and so we were inspired to do better. With this addition to our product lineup, we combine the benefits of skincare ingredients with gentle cleansing properties to encourage customers to eco-upgrade their routine. For us, it always comes back to performance first,” said Jayme Jenkins, Chief Brand Officer at Everist.

Retail expansion

Everist claims to have recorded rapid growth since the brand was launched in February 2021, with a both a loyal customer base and a promising retail expansion strategy.

Most recently, the eCommerce-first company secured distribution deals with Credo Beauty, an American clean beauty retailer, the Allure Store, an online and IRL beauty destination in Manhattan, New York,, a Canadian wellness online shop, and Verishop, an eCommerce platform for shopping today’s hottest brands.

“The launch of our body wash is set to revolutionize the category, and it marks an important milestone for Everist,” expressed Jessica Stevenson, CEO of Everist.

Source : premiumbeautynews

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