Actress Payal Ghosh assaulted and tried to pour acid on her; Payal’s video

Actress Payal Ghosh has been attacked for acting in Telugu and Bollywood movies. The actress herself has revealed that unknowns attacked her while wearing a mask. The incident happened around 10pm on Sunday. The video also states that the star was beaten with an iron rod.

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Payal said the attackers also had acid bottles in their hands. The actress suspects conspiracy in the incident. The incident took place when he went out at night to buy medicine. A group of masked men attacked him with an iron rod while he was sitting in the driving seat.

Payal Ghosh said the group retreated when they shouted in fear and at that moment they hit him on the hand with a stick. After the incident, Payal shared with the fans that he could not sleep at night due to pain. Director and actor Anurag Kashyap has been accused of sexual harassment.

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