7 kind of bosses who make life hell for you


In an ideal world, bosses can’t ever be wrong, though the reality is quite different.

Jay Carter wrote that nasty bosses can wreak havoc in one’s life at work and at home, and therefore, one has to take concrete steps to stop getting hurt by them without stooping to their level. Nastiness by bosses can be attributed to many factors. It is a unique personality trait where an individual behaves nastily with people he or she doesn’t like. The most common reasons for this can be jealousy, mistrust, prejudice, their own bad experiences with their bosses or others, and so on.

Nasty bosses can thus make the workplace very difficult to be in, and cause excessive incivility in the organizations. Employees are not able to contribute their best under them.

Many executives complain that the strongest weapon bosses use against them is the threat of transfer. There are bosses who behave like chess masters by treating their juniors as nothing more than paws on a chess board. Unfortunately you can’t choose your bosses, so what’s the remedy? Sincere attempts to understand the personality traits of your boss must be made in such cases, so as to try not to get hurt by his responses or temperament. You also need to be careful in responding to his uncharitable remarks and unpleasant responses.


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