7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Women’s Brains

Girls are special, and so is their brains. Here are some facts you need to know

1. Smaller but more intelligent.

Size is important only when talking about other parts of the body. The human brain is another story. Although scientists claim that women’s brains are smaller, this does not mean that women are less intelligent. In fact, girls develop and mature faster than boys. As boys remain childish until the end of adolescence, their way of thinking also matures. Being bigger does not mean being more educated or smarter!

2. The mental powers of women.

It is not a myth that women have a very well developed awareness. In addition, most girls actively use this property. Awareness helps them to avoid mistakes and unpleasant situations. Men generally believe in their logic. They analyze the situation and then try to make a decision. Awareness is an interesting mix of many virtues. It may include feelings and emotions as well as other things that scientists still cannot explain. We call this object our ‘sixth sense’ – something that belongs to each individual but few depend on. Consciousness was considered a dark and mysterious thing. People with well-developed awareness can do various spiritual exercises and seek answers to their questions in heart and soul rather than in mind.

3. Women are good at tying information.

The big brain is sometimes ineffective. Ignore the comments of people who claim that you need a big brain to digest information. Did you know that neural pathways and transmitters in women’s brains are better connected than they are in men? It is this strong connection that enables women to handle information more effectively.

7 facts about the brains of women you do not know about women It is good to tie information

4. Menstruation affects the female brain.

The fact that women become overly emotional during menstruation is more of a myth than a proven fact. Hormone levels do not always affect a woman’s behavior. Although men do not menstruate, hormones affect not only the female brain but also the male brain. Scientists report that women’s brains are full of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone during menstruation. These three hormones are responsible for how we feel and work. They also affect our mood, memory and sexuality. Do not believe those who say that this only happens once a month. Hormones are active every day.

5. Differences in the brain do not predict behavior.

We cannot deny the fact that the male brain is different in different ways from the female brain. However, not all of these differences make one type of brain worse or better than another. Do not be misled by the most common stereotypes if you do not want to look ignorant. The fact is that girls process information differently than boys. Also, this contradiction does not affect people’s behavior. The cognitive abilities of both sexes are the same. In general, men are no different from women in this sense.

7 facts about women’s brains You do not know about brain differences, do not predict behavior

6. Do not neglect the mother’s brain.

This is a real thing, of course. You must have heard that it is called “Mother Brain”. Actually it is not a myth. Most scientists believe in the mother’s brain. Pregnant women say that their thinking and attitude will change during pregnancy. They describe the sensation as ‘fog’. It is more difficult for a pregnant woman to remember something. In addition, the cognitive function of the pregnant woman decreases. This leads to insomnia. There are other symptoms as well. Overall, pregnancy transforms the female body and the female brain – the level of hormones is responsible for these processes and phenomena. During pregnancy you may think that your brain and body are not essential for certain activities.

7. Women integrate their conscious and rational brains to solve problems

Problem solving requires two different types of brains – cognitive and rational. Women can combine these two types of brains, which helps to solve problems more effectively. Men can not do this trick or do it in a very ineffective way. It is a scientifically proven fact that women solve complex problems better.

Girls respond differently to problems – the female brain activates the left and right hemispheres at the same time. Problems in men are solved in only one of the two hemispheres. The result is amazing – women find another solution to the same problem because they use awareness and logic. Men mostly believe in logic?

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