5 Festive Hairstyles You Must Try!

With festivities around the corner, everyone seems to be occupied choosing their outfits and mining their makeup skills.

That said, you might still be confused about how you are going to style your hair for the upcoming festivities and occasion. Even if you have long hair and wish to leave them open, you might still want to try new hair care tips to slay your traditional look.

These larger-than-life festivities and occasions demand that you have your hairstyle game on point. If you are trying to step up your game, you can always go for some classy easy to do festive hairstyles that we have carefully chosen for you. Read on to know how to rock a few super easy yet sassy hairstyles this festive season with our beauty tips for women.

Festive Hairstyles

Sleek Low Bun

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Wearing a traditional Indian outfit for festivities? Well, pull up your hair into a sleek low bun at the nape of your neck. Make the hairstyle more appealing by draping a string of gajra or flowers around it. And you are ready with one of the perfect hairstyles for the festive season.

How-to: Put some anti-frizz serum on your hair and blow-dry using a ceramic round brush to make it go straight.

Use a tail comb to section your hair into two parts. Dab on some styling gel to subdue flyaways. Now gather all your hair back into a ponytail and twist it into a bun. Pinup a Gajra with some bobby pins, and you are good to go.

Messy Bun

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There is so much that you can do with buns. This versatile festive hairstyle gives itself to a lot of variation with a few hair care tips. You can easily make a statement with a cool messy bun.

How-to: Gather all your hair into a loose ponytail and position it low or high.

Do not comb your hair while gathering them up as the aim is to make it look messy. Twist your hair into a bun, and leave a tail out at the end. Fasten the bun with bobby pins and an elastic band.

Messy buns look best with day-old hair. You can also spray some dry shampoo to texturize if you have applied shampoo to your hair.

Braided Bun

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Snag this classy braided chignon and be the glamour of the festivities by adding something glamourous to your haircare routine. Using a comb separate your front hair from the rest of your hair.

Section your hair from the middle and make a French braid with both parts and secure it with pins behind the ears. Now allocate the remaining hair into five equal parts and make normal braids of each.

Roll the middle braid into a simple bun and secure it with pins. Wrap the other braids over the bun and fix it. At last spray with hair sprays and secures the hairstyle.

Maang Tika With Pony


A delightfully ornate Maang Tika on your forehead can uplift your traditional look with a few beauty tips for women. While the traditional way to wear a Maang Tika is to place it in the middle parting with a braid, bun, or ponytail. This ethnic look works well if you have beachy, or loose curls.

How to: Section your hair from the middle and gather your waves back into a ponytail and secure it with hairpins. Make sure that your hair is not tightly pulled and tied. Place your Maang Tika in the center of your hair and your understated ethnic festive look is ready.

Half Up, Half Down

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When you are stapled for time and running late, a half bun hairstyle is a lifesaver as per the latest hair care tips. The ethnic hairstyle is super chic and looks gorgeous with traditional accessories like Jhumka earrings and Maang Tikas.

To rock the look, first part the top half of your hair and tie it into a pony. Tease the lower base of the pony with a comb to add volume to your hair. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with hair spray and bobby pins. Finger comb or brush out the untied part of the hair and leave it loose.

You could also go for a messy variation of this hairstyle for the festive season by roughly parting the top half of your hair in the center.

Then frame two thick strands of hair from the front of each side. Make braids on both the side of the part and compile them in a bun at the back of your head.

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There are many hairstyles to style your hair for the festivities. Buns and braids go best for every occasion and look drop-dead gorgeous at the same time.

Try on these super easy and chic festive hairstyles with our haircare tips and style your hair the way you want them to be. Keep checking our blogs to get more such styling tips for upcoming festivities.

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